My Story

Joey Ortiz is the CEO, President, and Regional Manager at Las Vegas Premier Marketing (LVPM). As CEO, it is Ortiz’s responsibility to oversee and manage the daily operations at LVPM. To ensure the satisfaction of his clients he, personally, works to develop leaders in the marketing industry so that they may run successful markets. Ortiz also serves as a market consultant to LVPM’s market managers who are given the opportunity to run their own marketing firms. Oritz’s success as a CEO over the last 7 years can be observed in each person promoted to Market Manager. This includes LVPM’s newest Market Manager Lacia Stuart who opened and operates her own marketing firm in 2022. Oritz worked with Stuart, as he has many other Market Managers, to ensure she is equipped with the tools and knowledge needed to run a successful marketing firm. In addition to being a marketing force to be reckoned with, Ortiz is also a father and family man. Oritz’s devotion to his career and children has shown him that “sometimes we must temporarily sacrifice comfort to secure a comfortable future.” A lesson he has been fortunate to learn and is often reminded of when spending quality time with his family.

Book Joey To Speak

Joey Ortiz is highly sought after for engagements even outside the industry of his business interest. He continues to fly around, imparting that knowledge to capacity audience-crowds in arenas across the country.

If you have any questions, comments, or booking inquiries, please contact Joey via email or phone, or send him a message using the contact form.